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This is What People Say About Dry Box.


The Boxes were a Prize!

....the Dry Boxes were a prized item on our expedition. Even through a 15 minute trip through the Forty-Mile River in an upside-down canoe, they remained water tight...the air trapped in the Dry Box gave such lift it was possible to guide the canoe through the water while swimming...something I couldn't do with a canoe less loaded and lower in the water. and righting the canoe was similarly aided by the presence of the Dry Box.
M. Gayle, Eugene, OR.


TDry Box - Tough and Durablehe Box was Tough and Durable!

The Box we took was tough and durable...It looked as new after being thrashed around the globe as on the day I took it out of the packing case.
J. Kramer, Sobek Expeditions - Alas River Trip, Sumatra





The Box was a Hit!

The Dry Box was a hit with everybody....It is a better mousetrap....The box withstood a lot of abuse including being used as a bathtub, table, and constantly being climbed over when entering and exiting the canoe. We like the idea of a large waterproof unit, holding large amounts of gear, and being able to fit efficiently between the gunwales of the canoe...Unquestionably, It is a piece of gear that has to be used to be appreciated.
David Harrison, Editor - Canoe Magazine


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